MangaStream WordPress Theme


MangaStream is made with a modern, fresh look, and built with various features that make website visitors read your manga comfortably. MangaStream is premium theme for reading manga.

MangaStream Features

  • Responsive design
  • SEO optimized
  • Dark mode feature
  • RTL support
  • Slider & weekly popular
  • Hot Manga Update
  • Project Update
  • Blog
  • Breadcrumb
  • 3 style thumbnail on homepage
  • Latest update with 3 chapters that have been optimized
  • Popular Widget (optimized)
  • Genre Widget
  • New Series Widget
  • Filter Search Widget
  • History Widget (displays recently read chapters)
  • AutoComplete Search
  • Manga list page
  • Project list page
  • AZ list page
  • Gallery on manga info
  • Search chapter on chapter list
  • Recommendation series by genre on homepage
  • Hot update by daily populer on homepage
  • Reading mode (full & single page)
  • Image Server
  • Lazyload on reader area
  • Progress bar on reader area
  • Bookmark page (without login)
  • History page (without login)
  • color theme feature (to change the basic color)
  • Photon CDN (to speed up image load)
  • Built-in Cache (speed up web load and reduce your server load)
  • Integration with WP Fastest Cache plugin
  • Support Autoptimize plugin
  • Integration with SoraLink plugin
  • Integration with Manga Downloader plugin
  • Ads space ready (Ads Management)


  • PHP 7.4 or 8.1
  • Latest Ioncube loader
  • cURL PHP Extension
  • fileinfo PHP Extension
  • WordPress version required 5.9+


1.1.9 – 29 April 2024

  • Requirement: Starting with version 1.1.9 MangaStream requires PHP 7.4 or 8.1 to run
  • Rework: The theme language can now be customized via the WordPress panel (MangaStream > Language)
  • Fixed: Bug affecting the "Sort Chapters" feature when dealing with a series that has a large number of chapters
  • Fixed: Bug affecting widgets when the title field is left blank
  • Fixed: The chapter selector in the reader area is not working properly when visitor uses an ad blocker.
  • Added: ability for the "Popular Today" section to be scrollable
  • Added: "Latest Chapter" display next to the "Add Chapter" button in the series list (admin area)
  • Added: History feature (General > Read History)
  • Added: Widget history
  • Added: Shortcode for history page [ts-history-page perpage='10' style='2']
  • Added: History section on the manga info page (General > Chapter History on Series Page)
  • Added: Import & export feature for history (General > Read History Import Export)
  • Added: Import & export feature for bookmark (General > Bookmark Import Export)
  • Added: Pagination for bookmark (General > Bookmark Perpage)
  • Added: Integration with W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, WP Super Cache
  • Added: Option to set Series List using AZ Heading, if disabled, the Heading will take the data from the existing item in list
  • Added: Option to purge Built-in cache files periodically. Instead of Purging all the cache at once, in the first 15 minutes, periodic purge cache will slowly regenerate all the cache
  • Added: Template part for auto-complete results
  • Added: Template part for new series widget
  • Added: Template part for genres widget
  • Added: Ability to Exclude Genre From Advanced Search (Search > Advanced Search Genre Exclusion)
  • Added: Option to include the author's name in the search criteria (Search > Search by Author)
  • Improvement: View Count now has an option to choose between real-time tracking and interval-based tracking (reducing Ajax requests) for chapter pages. (General > Interval-based Chapter View Count)
  • Improvement: Photon CDN to add support for webp extension
  • Improvement: change slug feature
  • Improvement: Enhanced [ch] and [ct] shortcodes by adding support for multiple values (tutorial)
  • Improvement: Removed the question mark placeholder in the auto-complete results for series that don't have chapters
  • Improvement: Taxonomy shortcode
  • Improvement: Built-in cache
  • Improvement: Theme panel
  • Improvement: Main CSS
  • Improvement: RTL CSS
  • Updated: Child theme

1.1.8 – 11 October 2022

  • Rework: mobile header
  • Improvement: Manga list
  • Improvement: Style 3
  • Improvement: Language file
  • Improvement: Main CSS
  • Improvement: RTL CSS

1.1.7 – 23 May 2022

  • Updated: Select chapter no longer show chapter title
  • Improvement: Main CSS (fix select box in reader area)

1.1.6 – 15 May 2022

  • Added: required attribute for input chapter number and select series
  • Improvement: Generate info (now can generate using full URL or ID only)

1.1.5 – 7 February 2022

  • Added: child theme
  • Added: classic widget compatibility
  • Added: 'Add Chapter' button on series post
  • Added: attribute on image thumbnail (width & height)
  • Added: chapter title input in post editor (chapter)
  • Added: compatibility for meta box plugin v5.4.8
  • Added: option disable/enable bookmark
  • Added: the "push to latest update" feature when editing a published post
  • Added: sorting option for chapterlist (When changing this option, please flush built-in cache)
  • Added: ability to navigate between chapters (next prev) using arrow keys on keyboard in minimal mode (reader area)
  • Added: novel type
  • Added: select image mirror in minimal mode (reader area)
  • Added: compatibility for password protected post feature in reader area
  • Added: reset view feature
  • Added: chapter sorter tool
  • Added: Change slug manga
  • Added: share button on blog post
  • Added: compatibility for comment system with closed status
  • Added: function to prevent wordpress from generating resized images when uploading chapter images
  • Improvement: select mirror
  • Improvement: filter search feature
  • Improvement: ads management
  • Improvement: view system (fixed view counter on admin area & popular widget)
  • Improvement: Select chapter in reader area
  • Improvement: Theme panel
  • Improvement: Main CSS
  • Improvement: RTL CSS
  • Improvement: built-in cache
  • Improvement: Performance
  • Update: Language file

1.1.4 – 4 February 2021

  • Added: View counter in admin area
  • Added: Option to exclude project from latest update
  • Improvement: Bookmark
  • Improvement: Ads Management
  • Improvement: Meta integration
  • Improvement: Language file
  • Improvement: Main CSS

1.1.3 – 26 October 2020

  • Improvement: Photon CDN - Chapter Images, Cover Series & Blogspot have separated settings - photon CDN no longer applied in admin area and gallery
  • Improvement: New Series widget - Seamlessly Updating New Series widget with ajax to ensure it always up-to-date even if cached (built-in cache must be enabled)
  • Improvement: Theme panel
  • Improvement: Main CSS
  • Improvement: Performance
  • Update: Language file

1.1.2 – 8 October 2020

  • Improvement: Comment feature
  • Improvement: Related Series
  • Improvement: Photon
  • Improvement: AZ List
  • Improvement: Performance
  • Update: Language file

1.1.1 – 29 September 2020

  • Fixed: Home recommendation doesn't work if genre name has unicode character
  • Fixed: Bookmark maximum allowed setting doesn't work properly
  • Fixed: Shortcode appear not in correct place
  • Added: Default score setting for series that has no score
  • Added: Social share in the reader area
  • Added: Option to disable social share in the series info and reader area
  • Added: Scroll bar in the genre section of the search filter feature
  • Added: Visited CSS on the chapter list
  • Added: Grid and List style for chapter lists
  • Added: Option to hide noscript in reader area
  • Added: Reader Area Style option in Dashboard - Advanced and Minimal, Advanced is a modern style with the latest features. Minimal is simple style (old version of Reader Area).
  • Added: Reader Area Style option in Series Post - Ability to set Reader Area Style for all chapter of the Series, you can set it from Series post Editor
  • Change: The navigation icon in the reader area
  • Change: The default setting for lazyload from enable to disable
  • Improvement: Main CSS
  • Improvement: RTL CSS
  • Improvement: Performance
  • Improvement: Progress bar - first appeared in a simple style (minimized)
  • Improvement: Progress bar - increase the size of click area around the progress bar to hide floating chapter navigation (above and below)
  • Improvement: Category thumbnail
  • Improvement: Reader Area - hide server selector if only have 1 server
  • Improvement: Reader Area - fix prev and next chapter navigation doesn't work properly if tying to open it in new tab.
  • Improvement: Reader Area - fix php error notice
  • Improvement: Reader Area - fix bug image URL contains quotes ( ' )
  • Improvement: Reader Area - fix bug image URL contains some unicode characters
  • Improvement: Photon CDN - photon CDN no longer run in admin area to prevent the photon URL version saved in post content
  • Improvement: Lazyload now will preloading all image sequentially from first image to the last image.

1.1 – 22 September 2020

  • Added: Compatibility for PHP 7.4
  • Added: RTL style
  • Added: 2 styles for homepage thumbnail
  • Added: a shortcode to make a list of taxonomy
  • Added: Search filter widget in the sidebar
  • Added: Gallery on series info
  • Added: First Chapter and New Chapter on series info
  • Added: Search chapter on chapter list
  • Added: Breadcrumb
  • Added: Related series on reader area
  • Added: Recomendation series by genre on homepage
  • Added: Top Menu
  • Added: Disable option for featured image single blog
  • Added: Shortcode area in homepage
  • Added: Shortcode for custom series page based on meta & taxonomy
  • Added: Reading mode (full & single page)
  • Added: Image server
  • Added: Lazyload on reader area
  • Added: Progress bar on reader area
  • Added: Filter to remove scaled image
  • Added: Hiatus status
  • Change: Series info style
  • Change: the chapter list style
  • Change: the search filter on the series page
  • Change: thumbnail size in single series info
  • Change: Dark mode option
  • Change: Popular series widget
  • Change: Theme Panel
  • Change: Dashicons with Font Awesome
  • Change: Blog style
  • Change: Comment style
  • Change: Criteria for hot update areas from hot label based to daily popular
  • Improvement: Main CSS
  • Improvement: Language file
  • Improvement: warning Adult Content with verification
  • Improvement: AZ List
  • Improvement: Homepage pagination
  • Improvement: Built-in cache
  • Improvement: Flexibility to change meta
  • Improvement: MangaUpdates API
  • Improvement: Auto complete search
  • Improvement: Standar widget from WordPress
  • Improvement: Category page
  • Improvement: Reader area
  • Improvement: Trending this week (now using top weekly popular criteria)
  • Improvement: Hot update (now using daily popular criteria)
  • Improvement: Bookmark - auto remove missing item
  • Improvement: Bookmark - compatibility for IE browser
  • Removed: Project shortcode, read tutorial 'Series Based on Meta & Taxonomy' to create a project page
  • Integration: Menu Icons plugin

1.0.7 – 30 January 2020

  • Added: Filter remove scaled image
  • Improvement: Built-in cache
  • Improvement: Grab manga info
  • Improvement: Bookmark

1.0.6 – 16 January 2020

  • Fixed bug: Built-in cache
  • Fixed bug: soralink integration (now you need to install the SoraLink Client plugin)
  • Fixed bug: Timestamp missmatch
  • Fixed: Google Pagespeed issue
  • Improvement: grab manga info (auto create featured image and category)
  • Improvement: CSS style
  • Improvement: Language

1.0.5 – 5 September 2019

  • Fixed CSS visited
  • Optimize theme speed

1.0.4 – 1 September 2019

  • Fixed select chapter
  • Fixed pagination homepage
  • PHP 7.1+ support optimized

1.0.3 – 31 August 2019

  • Fixed CSS
  • Fixed pagination homepage
  • Improvement Built-in Cache
  • Added language file
  • Added comic type
  • Added shortcode to show certain meta

1.0.2 – 9 August 2019

  • Fixed CSS darkmode
  • Fixed CSS theme color
  • Fixed CSS sidebar
  • Fixed bug scheduled post
  • Remove MyAnimeList thumbnail cover

1.0.1 – 10 May 2019

  • Security patch
  • Fixed author name on blog

1.0 – 7 April 2019

  • MangaStream released
IDR 200.000 ($18)
5 average based on 460 ratings.
Last Update29 April 2024
Created7 April 2019
WP Required5.9+
WP Tested6.5.3


  • Responsive
  • Widgets
  • Built-in Cache
  • SEO Ready
  • Ads Management Ready


  • Lifetime License (1 license key only for 1 domain, 1 installation)
  • 1 Year Free Update & Download Access
  • Support Access

Browser Support

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
Support FB
Support WA